Artist Spot Light: American Helix

If you haven't seen or heard of American Helix Glass, then you are missing out, my friend! Helix Glass is named for the unique venturi hole system, that every Helix piece has. This venturi hole system creates a tornado with your smoke! This causes more airflow for a super smooth hit. 
Watch this quick video of a classic Helix function:
After apprenticing for glass blowing legend, Bob Snodgrass, Boxfan created the American Helix in 2007. All Helix Glass pieces are hand crafted in Austin, Texas, by his glass work team. 
Here are some of our best selling Helix Products: 
(All options available at all Up'n Smoke locations)
The Helix Classic - $130
Fumed Helix Classic Mini - $90
The Uno Steam Roller - $60
The Solo Stinger Nectar Collector - $50