Artist Spot Light: TreeHouse Glass

TreeHouse Glass is one of our all-time favorite glass brands! They specialize in quality glass made from only the best materials, at a reasonable price. Every employee at Up'n Smoke owns one of their amazing pieces!
TreeHouse is a small business located in Berthoud, Colorado. The three co-owners make all the glass products, themselves. In addition to all the glass work, they also provide their own marketing and sales.
For the entire week of 4/20, 2018, Luke from TreeHouse was accompanied by Scary Gary Glass to collaborate on two amazing space ship rigs in our Fort Collins studio!

This first photo is of one of the spaceship collabs in natural sunlight!

This piece is currently available in our Fort Collins location!

This photo is of the same piece, but this time it's shown under a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting)! The accents that changed color from a light blue to a bright purple is called "Paralax". 

To learn more about CFL reactive colors, see our Blog Post:

This photo shows the same piece under UV lighting! The accents that changed color from an electric green to a glowing green is called "Illuminati".


Apart from making gorgeous heady pieces, TreeHouse makes an incredible line of proto pieces with unbeatable function! Here are some of our best sellers: 

Showerhead Bong - $170

(Available at all Up'n Smoke locations)

Gridded Showerhead - $180

(Available at all Up'n Smoke locations)

8-Arm Tree Perc - $180

(Available at all Up'n Smoke locations)

Mini Steam Roller - $25

(Available at all Up'n Smoke locations)