NEW In-Store Product: The Nuggy by NugTools

Have you ever tried to ash out a bowl you just smoked, and ended up with black fingers and hands?

We have!

Or maybe you have tried loading your product into a vaporizer, only to have it all end up in your lap? 

You're not alone!

That's why NugTools built the ultimate smoker's Swiss Army Knife, The Nuggy! The Nuggy is a made-to-last multi-tool that houses nine gadgets. This little guy fits in the palm of your hand, (or your pocket), and is equipped with lock-in safety features on each tool.

 The Nuggy comes in handy in all occasions, and has many different uses!

  • Scrape resin! Use the arrowhead scraper tool to clean pipes and bowls.
  • Grind weed without a fancy grinder! Use the scissor tool to trim big buds and nugs.
  • Slice a cigar! Want to roll a blunt? Use the sharp knife tool to cleanly split open a Swisher.
  • Take a dab! Use the stainless steel spoon tool to take a nice little dab or pack a vape pen.
  • Pack a joint! Use the tamper tool to perfectly pack your joint for even burning.
  • Smoke it 'till it's gone! Use the roach clip tool to hold that last bit of your blunt or joint that just can't be wasted!
  • Cure cottonmouth! Use the bottle opener tool to pop a top on a nice, cold beer.
  • Clean pieces! Use the pick tool to keep your pipe clear of debris.
  • Find that glob of wax you just dropped! Use the flashlight tool to keep track of product or vaporizer parts.

    Nuggy FAQ's!

    Q: Why no lighter?

    A: People ask NugTools all the time why the Nuggy doesn't have a lighter.  And although they did consider it, there's actually a lot of reasons why they left it out.  Here's a few of them.

    1. If lighter fluid was to leak it could potentially be dangerous considering the close proximity of the tools to flames and other extreme heat sources.
    2. Adding a lighter would make the Nuggy less comfortable in your hand and bulkier in your pocket.
    3. Unless it's a torch, lighters are typically disposable.  We lose them all the time.  The Nuggy is in a different category.  It will last a lifetime. 

    With that said, they are still working on some creative solutions for future versions, so stay tuned!

    Q: Why no grinder?

    A: NugTools put a lot of thought into this, but the answer is actually very simple.  Here it is; They only make high quality products.  

    Think about it..

    A multi-tool should fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.  Not too big and not too heavy, right?

    On the other hand, a grinder should not fit in your hand.  In fact, the best grinders are actually pretty big and heavy.      

    When grinding herb, they think you should use a high quality grinder, not something miniature that fits inside a hand held multi-tool, and definitely not some cheese grader thing that wastes crystals all over the table.

    If you don't have a grinder handy, you can always chop up your flower with the scissor. 

    Q: How much does the Nuggy weigh?

    A: 1/2 Pound

    Q:  How is the Nuggy made?

    A: ​The stainless steel tools go through an annealing process to become stronger. The plastic case is sealed through an ultrasonic welding process.

    Q:  Is the Nuggy safe?

    A:  ​All of the tools lock in place when opened and closed. Each tool is equipped with an easy to use lever, so you never have to worry about cutting your fingers.

    Q:  What colors does the Nuggy come in?

    A:  At the moment, The Nuggy is only available in dark green.

    Q:  Where can I buy the Nuggy? 

    A:  The Nuggy is for sale at and at many great smoke shops across the US & Canada (like Up'n Smoke, Fort Collins! :)).

    Q: How long will the batteries last in my Nuggy?

    A: The batteries will pump out 8 hours of continuous light.

    Q:  Where can I find replacement batteries for my Nuggy?

    A: They hope to sell them on their online store at in the near future.  But for now, you can find them at any local hardware store.

    Q:  Can I use the bottle opener for anything else other than bottles?

    A:  Applying more pressure than the bottle opener is designed to handle will cause the internal spring to break. The tool will still work, it just wont lock into position as well and might seem loose, so be careful.  Opening a bottle is no problem, just don't be silly and try to use it as a can opener or something like that.