Quartz Nails - What Should I Invest In? How Do I Use Them?

Everyone knows that quartz nails are the healthiest, most efficient nails for vaporizing concentrates. Perfect for low temp dabs with amazing flavor! But how do you know what kind to buy? American made, or import?

We get this question all the time! And here's our opinion:

The short answer is, quartz is quartz. If you think you can be responsible and clean your quartz well, then investing in American made quartz is a better option. If you don't plan on taking proper care of your quartz, then import is the way to go. The main difference between American made quartz and China made quartz is a process called "purging". This process clears out any air or gas bubbles trapped inside the quartz. Many import companies cut corners, and skip this process during manufacturing. Because of this skipped step, the stability of the quartz of decreases, and can highly vary from batch to batch. This causes the quartz to be more brittle after torching, and inconsistent cool down times.


  • American Quartz Options

- Joel Halen Quartz (Not currently available at Up'n Smoke)

Joel Halen is Fort Collins, Colorado local who makes great quality quartz accessories. Some of his best-sellers are:

The Halen Bucket - $140-$160

The Insert for the Halen Bucket - $50-$60

Quartz Bubble Cap for Bucket - $60-$80

The Quartz Trough - $120-$160

Quartz Carb Cap for Trough - $80


- Evan Shore (Not currently available at Up'n Smoke)

Handmade quartz accessories from Philadelphia.

Evan Shore XL Banger - $150-$175

Evan Shore XXL Banger - $220-$250

Directional Plug Cap for Banger - $100


- Quave (Not Currently available at Up'n Smoke)

Hand made, made-to-order quartz accessories from Seattle, Washington.

Quave Club Banger - $170-$190

Quave Flat Top Banger - $170


- Pukinbeagle  (Not currently available at Up'n Smoke)

Hand made quartz accessories from Denver, Colorado.

Pukinbeagle Open Top Quartz Thermal - $180

Quartz Bubble Cap for Thermal - $100


  • Import Quartz Options

(All options available at all Up'n Smoke locations)


    Banger - $20

    Core Reactor - $30

    Insert Bucket - $30

    Terp Slurper - $30

    Thermal - $30

    Trough - $20


    • How to Properly Use Quartz Nails

     - Heating

    Using a butane torch, start to heat the quartz from the bottom. Heat evenly, moving the flame in small circular motions. You will know the nail is ready when you start to see little red flecks appear on the quartz. DO NOT heat to the point where the nail is glowing bright red! That's far too hot, and it will hurt your throat and lungs. Always allow a cooling time of 10 - 60 seconds, after torching.

    - Cleaning

    When dabbing at low temperatures, you savor the flavor and potency of your concentrates. But you will most likely have a small pool of residue left over, in the nail. If you leave the puddle of residue there, it will very likely burn into your nail the next time you heat it up. Letting residue build up can quickly deteriorate the flavor of your dabs, and the life of your nail. To avoid this, use Q-tips to swab up the extra residue after every dab. Some people even dip their Q-tips in isopropyl alcohol before swabbing their nail to ensure a crisp, clean nail, every time they dab. If the Q-tip method isn't cleaning black build up, it means that you dabbed at a high enough temperature to burn the concentrate onto the nail. Unfortunately, the Q-tip method will not help this issue. Make sure you also have a carb cap when taking low temp dabs, so you don't waste any of your product.