Why You DON'T Want a Titanium Nail

When buying a new dab nail, try to avoid titanium (ti) options. We understand the appeal of an indestructible nail, but we recommend quartz nails for dabbing. Quartz heats up quicker than ti, gives better flavor, and won't break your piece.

Most titanium nail options are imported, and no one really knows what kind of metal they are made with. It is possible that they are "titanium coated", but you never know what type of metal is underneath it, after the coating has been torched away. Inhaling vapor from a nail made of unknown materials can be potentially harmful for your health. Ti nails are also prone to giving a metallic flavor to your concentrate.

Another reason for avoiding titanium is the risk of it breaking your rig. When heated, titanium expands quite a bit. If you have a titanium nail inserted into a female joint, it will expand after torching, and most likely break the joint. Watch this quick video of a dab no-no!



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