This is a collection of glass that has passed through our shop. All of these pieces have been sold and have gone to a new owners that love them very much! If you've gotten a piece from us and you would like us to feature it in our gallery, send  a couple of your favorite pictures over to or DM to our Instagram @up_n_smoke_fort_collins!
Thanks for looking!
Juice Box Rig by @Goliath with CFL Reactive Paralax Accents
Full Siriusly Recycler by our In-House Glass Blower, @TuggsGlass
Mini Rig by @TuggsGlass
Electroformed Copper Rig By @EnvyGlassDesigns with a Geode
Electroformed Copper Rig by @EnvyGlassDesigns with Quartz Accents
Rainbow WigWag Rig by @ColoHeadHighGlass
The Hyperion Rig by @AmericanHelix
Carved Rig by @Liberty503Glass, Owned by Ashley @StayLifted4982
Blue and White WigWag Rig by Dan Williams
Rainbow WigWag Rig by @CambriaGlass
24K Gold Fumed Mini Rig by @NicheGlass
Blue Penetrator Rig by @NicheGlass
Penetrator Rig Collab by @NicheGlass X @MooGlass
Unobtainium Sherlock/One Hitter Matching Set by @NicheGlass
Full Black and Yellow WigWag Rig by @ColtGlass
Siriusly Flamingo Mini Rig by @DavidBlang
Siriusly Implosion Pendant by @BrooksGlassArt
@boromojoglass Pendant! Owned by Alena @alien_shawty
Rainbow @BoroMojoGlass Pendant, owned by Al @Alien_Shawty
@boromojoglass warlock pendant, owned by Ashley @staylifted4982
Serendipity and Blue Stardust @BoroMojoGlass warlock pendant, owned by Ashley @StayLifted4982
                     Fire and Ice, Blue Cheese Horns by @Boromojoglass
Fire and Ice with Blue Cheese Horns by @BoroMojoGlass
Carmel Dragon Hand Pipe by @BoroMojoGlass
Halfblood Horned Heady Sherlock by @BoroMojoGlass
This piece was made by Juston Daniels, (a.k.a. @Glassy_J), out of Phoenix, AZ. 
Peach and AlienTech rig by @BoroMojoGlass
Illuminati Hand Pipe by @BoroMojoGlass
Serendipity hand pipe by @BoroMojoGlass
Made in Fort Collins, CO by Dan Williams. The rainbow tubing used for this was custom made by Dan's brother so its a one of a kind! 
Doughnut Recycler by @Kres_Bug_Glass